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Drugs for Merkurstab

A request for information

Dear friends and colleges;

In my patients who are using or have been using hallucinogenic drugs, I have observed certain holes or weak areas or disorganised parts in their spiritual bodies, may it be the etheric body or the astral body.

The intake of hallucinogenic drugs clearly seems to create certain spiritual organs. The insights that may arise from such spiritual organs are sometimes realistic.

The drugs seem to reorganise the structure of the spiritual body in such a way that clairvuence may occur. After the drug has stopped working, or after the drug has been metabolised, the structural change vanish. The artificial spiritual sense organ seems to be unable to be reintegrated into the original spiritual body, and will be destroyed. This leaves weakened areas in the spiritual body, which may appear as holes or disorganised part.

Such holes will weaken the person in this life creating disease, and will also have disastrous effect in the next life.

If one uses “natural” drugs like Peyote or Marihuana, the holes may be partly filled with the “plant-etheric”, but still the Ego will be drained.

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Clinical Results on Acupuncture in Cancer-Treatment

Notes from my Casebook

Are Simeon Thoresen DVM

In 1984 I first tried out a new method in treating cancer, with very promising results in a Dachshund (Thoresen 2002). The dog had mammary cancer (multiple tumours along the nipple line) and had begun to develop dyspnoea - it probably had several lung metastases. I treated LV03 (see rationale below), and in a few weeks the tumours had disappeared almost completely. The dog died several years later from a kidney deficiency.

Also, in 1995 I treated a horse with Equine Sarcoid (a cancer-syndrom in horses, usually incurable) with good results (the cancer disappeared completely), published in the Journal of the Norwegian veterinary Society, “Norsk Veterinærtidsskrift” (Thoresen 1995).

Since 1984, I have treated 600 patients, both animals and humans, with all kinds of cancer. Due to the possibility to make an exact meridian diagnosis (on which acupuncture meridian the cancer is situated or started) as required according to the method described in this article, the results were very good in mammary cancer. For the same reason, the results also were very good in melanosarcoma. Results in lymphosarcoma and brain cancer were good, but not as good as in mammary cancer and melanosarcoma. However, my results in liver cancer were not good; the healing rate was zero in the few liver cancers that I have treated.

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Are's hair analysis in horses, a critical analysis

By Are Thoresen DVM and Annica Nygren Thoresen DVM


The number of horses is growing all over the world, and there is also a growing lucrative market for for those who consider themselves able to diagnose and treat equine medical problems. We work as veterinarians, but we also use so called ”alternative” or ”complementary” methods, such as acupuncture and osteopathy. Maybe, because of our reputation as practitioners of alternative medicine, many clients have asked for our opinion on hair analysis of horses.

There are to our knowledge two kinds of hair analysts:

  1. Those who do a chemical analysis of the hair sample concerning minerals, and out of these results make a diagnosis. This method is controversial and full of technical pitfalls.
  2. Those who, from the hair sample, are able to give a more or less complete lifestory of the horse, including all problems and diseases. Even faults in conformation of the limbs are detected. In his lifetime, Are Thoresen has met or visited 12 such hair analysts from different countries. Despite their individual differencies, hair analysts all do their work and procedures in about the same way. They test a sample from the patient; hair, saliva or even a photograph. Holding the sample in hand, in mind or in an apparatus, they submit mental questions to their helping device or subconcious. The helping device may be;

In this article we tested a therapist from the second group.

After making a diagnosis, the therapist then ”prescribes” different protocols of treatment. Some send the patient to other therapists such as homeopaths or osteopaths, but most of them choose to treat the patient themselves. Usually they treat the patient with direct ”vibrations” sent through the air, or mediated through some medications consisting of ”carrying substances” such as water, alcohol or lactose.

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Treating the deficiency

Clinical results and success rate

By Are Thoresen DVM

This article describes the effect and results in treating the deficiency, and completely ignore the excess. This method I have been using since 1979, and I have performed > 200.000 treatments (in all species, including dogs, cats and humans) with this method in > 4000 horses, > 3500 small animals and > 5500 humans.

Stimulation of one deficient point, in the deficient meridian by simple needling produced clinical success after a single treatment in 72% in a material consisting of ~ 3000 horses. The clinical success rate was 82% after 3 treatments.

The success rate depends on how long the condition has lasted, how many secondary problems has developed, your experience as an acupuncturist, the weather, the syndrome being treated and, in some conditions, additional methods used (change of feed, change of stall, use of ear-acupuncture or coronary eciwo-points in joint problems etc). The clinical success rate after multiple treatments was influenced little by the listed conditions above. Functional conditions generally responded faster and better than those characterized by pathologic changes. 98% of the horses were treated for poor racing performance, which was associated with circulatory disorders, muscular problems, stiffness, laminitis, soft or poor-quality horn, bruised sole, thin sole, heel sores, cracked heels, azoturia (tying-up syndrome), disorders of joint synovial fluid, bone spavin, respiratory problems, dust allergies, other allergies (urticaria etc), intestinal problems (colic, diarrhea, constipation), autonomic (vegetative) disorders, reproductive disorders (female infertility, nymphomania), and certain behavioral problems (male or female viciousness, kicking, biting, headpressing).

Also, the method of treating the deficiency has great effect in treating cancer (discussion in other articles by the author).

Before this “method” is described, it is necessary to briefly discuss what is;

Excess and Deficiency
Traditional Chinese medicine is based on energetic concepts. In traditional Chinese medicine, disease results when the free flow of vital energies is impeded or imbalanced. All the healing methods aim to restore the balance of Ch’i of the body. Disease is associated with too much (excess) or too little (deficiency) flow of the vital energy in the organs or processes, reflected in the meridians.

Excess; In veterinary acupuncture, the points used most often are located in the thoraco-lumbo-sacral paravertebral area. These are the Shu points. They often are sensitive to pressure when their associated organ/meridian system is disturbed. Pain and sensitivity of this kind show an excess which often is associated with the cardinal symptoms of infection; tumor, rubor, calor, dolor and functio laesa. So, the most common diagnostic method within acupuncture, both in the west and in the east, is to detect the points of maximum excess.

Deficiency; is the opposite of excess. It means that the process, organ or meridian is less active, show hypoalgesia when pressed, hypothermia or hypoactivity. Especially the deficient acupuncture-points show microcirculatory changes (deficiency) in the skin. This is best seen in the ting points; colder skin, loss of hair and a certain pitting of the point (which all seem to me to be due to the decreased blood circulation).

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Background Material

My lectures Updated 2015

Are Simeon Thoresen DVM
  1. My whole practice (and thinking) is based upon the conviction that the visible material world is secondary to the energetic and unseen world.
  2. All diseases, all symptoms, are manifestations of pathological information. This information is of excessive or deficiency nature.
  3. This information is of spiritual nature, and behaves like entities, like living entities. They are of two natures;
    1. Ahrimanic
      1. In excess
      2. In deficiency
    2. Luziferic
      1. excess
      2. In deficiency
  4. This information can be transposed or translocated if we don’t dissolve or treat it properly.
  5. There is (almost) always the deficiency that is the cause of the excessive conditions, as we often describe as painful symptoms. Still, treating the deficiency may still just translocate the pathological structure.
  6. The best way is to treat the Middle-point.
  7. In this spiritual world of information the laws are different than in our ordinary physical world.
    1. Law 1; Time and space are not excisting
    2. a. Law 2; all life forms are interconnected, and there are strong bonds;
      1. Between Cosmos and Earth - Which is why disease change with changing external situations, and thus give rise to all the diagnostic systems based upon this
      2. Between Earth and all living creatures - Which explain the same as above, together with geopaty
      3. Between all living creatures - Which is the foundation for my way of performing the pulse-diagnosis - Which is the foundation for my way of doing Anthroposophical medicine - Which is the foundation in my way of doing osteopathy
      4. Between all parts within a living entity - Which is an explanation for why ECIWO-systems work, in fact a basis for the whole holistic approach in medicine
        - Which is the foundation for my cancer therapy, controlling the excess (the cancer) by treating the deficiency. The excess usually develop in the following KO-child to the deficiency. - Which is the foundation for my therapy of all syndromes characterized by multiple pain. Pain is excess which may be controlled by treating the deficiency.
      5. As the number of deficiencies are usually just one (at least one primary), while the number of excesses are often several (as they are (almost always) secondary), this axiom is then the foundation of my;
        1. One vertebrae therapy in osteopathy
        2. 1-needle therapy
        3. One herb therapy
  8. Your consciousness decides where you are, as there is no time or space in the spiritual world. To treat and diagnose correctly, you must have an energetic anatomical consciousness
    1. At heart when you diagnose
    2. At heart + whole body when you treat
    3. The right conciusness so that the disease is not just transferred (Christ-conciousness)

On the hidden relationships between all living beings, humans and animals, and how therapists may cause harm to those in relationship with the patients without knowing. Background Material continued.

Throughout my life, my professional life in particular, I have been able to observe diseases through pulse-diagnosis and also by seeing the distorted and pathological energetic structures directly by the help of an elevated sensitivity.

I have then observed, when the disease has been treated; through acupuncture, chiropractics, osteopathy, homeopathy or herbal medicine, that the pathological structure just has been relocated to another place in the body, or into another entity; animal or human. Sometimes the patho-structure just takes a little round-trip, and then returns to its original place, we say that the disease reappeared ..... In this article I want to put the conscious light to the fact that diseases caused by energetic and self containing structures, may influence or “attack” other beings, change or just come back, when treated. This description of diseases sounds a lot like descriptions of real and living entities.

I will estimate that 90% of all the patients that are treated throughout the world by both medical personnel or alternative therapies are not healed properly, but that the energies just have been relocated, internally or intercorporally, later to give rise to other symptoms in the patient itself or in an animal or human attached to the patient by emotional or Karmic bonds.

This article will describe this phenomenon in detail, and also suggest possible solution to the problem.

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