An Overlooked Aspect of Medicine, Life and Spirituality and an Important Tool when Entering the Spiritual World

Dr. Are Simeon Thoresen (DVM)

Translocation - Book front cover

— From the book back cover —
This book is about separation, transformation and translocation. Separation refers to a change of any part in our spiritual make-up which will lead to a transformation of our spiritual abilities, a change in our consciousness and how we perceive the world. Separation can also occur with the adversarial forces that cause disease, and this is called "translocation". Translocation is often caused by the application of natural healing methods. Understanding and using the middle-point or Christ-force can hinder translocation and further a transformation of the adversarial forces.

Why this book?

I am writing this book out of the needs I see at the present time.

  • I see the demons of modern electricity hovering all over, changing our very sense-organs.
  • I see the grid of past karma penetrating the entire earth, making people sick.
  • I see hypersensitive people being robbed of their spiritual possibilities by the devastating electromagnetic radiation.
  • I see diseases being translocated to others, humans or animals, despite of the good intentions of many therapists or doctors.
  • I see many friends craving for spirituality, though stuck in the material world.

Three abilities are needed to be able to do something with these problems in the energetic-spiritual world:

  1. the ability to consciously cross the Threshold.
  2. the ability to open one or more of our spiritual sense-organs.
  3. the ability to act upon the spiritual phenomena we see or encounter in the spiritual world, either as seekers or therapists, to transform what we meet.

With a deep understanding of how to pass the Threshold, how to open and use our spiritual senses and how to transform or translocate the often negative spiritual aspects we meet in the modern society, we can make a change.

To try to investigate these possibilities, and to give my fellow travelers in spirit the insights, tools and ability to do such a change is my intentions of writing this book.

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Holistic Veterinary Medicine

Are Simeon Thoresen (DVM)

Veterinarian acupuncturist homeopath agronomist.
Holistic Veterinary Medicine - Book front cover

— Book back cover —
This book discusses how alternative and complementary therapeutic methods like Acupunture, Homeopathy, Herb therapy, Chiropractics, Neuraltherapy and others may be integrated into veterinary medicine. This is a book for veterinarians and animal health professionals, as well as for horse- or pet-owners. It will be of interest also to doctors, nurses and other professionals who use alternative medical methods. The author has used the methods described on tens of thousands of animals and humans since 1977.

— About the book —
Veterinarians (vets) are trained to diagnose and treat animal diseases; and they are usually the best people to do so. This means that they are the best to find excessive symptoms, which are symptoms that express pain, inflammations and degeneration. This book teaches to find deficient symptoms, and in this aspect veterinarians are not necessarily the best diagnostics. They may be so, but then they have to educate themselves in a way described in this book. In my opinion, detecting deficient symptoms, lay-people may be as good as the veterinarian.

This book can be used by the veterinarian as a reference on Complementary Veterinary Medicine, and give useful information on how to treat sick animals; it is not intended for use as a "Cookbook" on how to treat animals. Both veterinarians and not-veterinarians must understand this; otherwise they may use it (possibly in vain) only to find a recipe to heal, for example, chronic mastitis in their favourite cow, or lameness in their horse or dog. If they do so, they will miss the whole purpose of the book, which is to give readers basic information on Holistic Veterinary Medicine, based on the detection of deficient processes.

The book aims to introduce readers to the concepts of Fundamental Processes from which many holistic therapies have developed, how these methods function and how they can be put to practical use to treat sick animals. In order to be able to cope with the huge and expanding market of healers, quacks, methods and aids offered today, it is very important to be able to think in a holistic way. Only by going deeply into the principles of holistic thinking can we give our animals the best treatment and be able to recognise the many charlatans in the area for what they are. Only when one has studied and grasped the basic thinking processes of holistic medicine can one use its schemata, recipes or cookbook prescriptions with good conscience.

Therefore a list of therapeutic suggestions is included after the chapters on acupuncture (AP) and homeopathy. Every method in this book is discussed in three different ways:
— first the • Theoretical thought processes,
— then the • Practical thought processes
— and finally • Therapeutic suggestions, i.e. recipes and schemata and other necessary details.

For those especially interested, I have included:
• Philosophical and theoretical approaches in several places.
These are printed in italics and marked with an old Celtic sign at the beginning and end. I hope that English speakers will welcome this updated translation of the second Norwegian edition, and that the book will lead to discussion of a better way to improve animal well being and health world-wide.

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7-fold way to Therapy: Holistic spiritual medicine based on anthroposophy

Are Simeon Thoresen

7-fold way to Therapy- Holistic spiritual medicine based on anthroposophy - Book front cover

— Introduction (from the book) —
My first book was written during 31 years. During the 4 years from February 2011, until the summer of 2015, I went through a fast and deep development with many realizations; both spiritually, energetically, religiously and professionally.

The main realizations were the following;

  • The hands are highly spiritual organs. They can, when the fingertips meet the blood, as in pulse diagnosis, be transformed to highways into the spiritual world, and serve as organs of initiation.
  • The pulse-diagnosis is not a technique, it is a state of consciousness.
  • The changes in the pulse are not happening in the physical world, but in the spiritual.
  • To be able to detect pulse changes we have to be in the spiritual world.
  • To enter the spiritual world we have to separate either our thinking/feeling/willing or the elements of the physical world as height/width/depth/time.
  • Working with pulse-diagnosis is a way of initiation into the spiritual world.
  • Most diseases (80%) in children and animals are projections from the “grown-ups”, the parents.
  • The projections are real pathological entities, real pathological information, real “demons”.
  • All symptoms (diseases) are “pathological” information, and such information is not lost easily (no information is ever lost).
  • When we treat the excess after ordinary methods (the theory of the 5-star elemental Chinese theory) we just translocate the disease, the “excessive pathological information”, which is mostly of Yang (astral) nature.
  • When we treat the deficiency after the control theory of the 5-star elemental Chinese theory (as lectured by me before) we often just translocate the disease, the “deficient pathological information”, which is mostly of Yin (etheric) nature.
  • If we treat the middle, the equilibrium, the mid-point between excess-Yang-astral and deficiency-Yin-etheric, we will not translocate the disease, but dissolve it.
  • The so-called pathological structure is a living entity, which in old times was called a demon.
    • The Yin structures were called Ahrimanic demons.
    • The Yang structures were called Luziferic demons.
  • The 5-element star system of Chinese medicine is just a construct relating to the treatment of excess and deficiency, and do not function well in finding and treating the midpoint, and therefore must be revised.
  • The 6-star system is better to treat and find the midpoint.
  • The mid-point is related to the Christ-consciousness, and may be found by ways of;
    • Pulse; the Christ energy, where it is felt.
    • Pulse, the controller of the deficiency relating to the 5-star (father of the father of the symptoms)
    • Pulse; the midpoint of the triangle, the trinity.
    • Anatomically; the bodily midpoint between excess (Luzifer) and deficiency (Ahriman).
    • Cranio-sacrally; the midpoint at the head between excess (Luzifer) and deficiency (Ahriman).

Thus, in the summer of 2015 I understood that my book on alternative medicine needed an update, a revision. All the above mentioned understandings had dawned on my mind and spirit. I felt that I had so much new to tell the world.

I realized how much work it would take to update my 750 pages book, and did not look forward to that immense work.

The inspiration to write a new book came to me on awakening on the 3rd of September 2015, 5 o'clock in the morning in Germany, after travelling to the old mystery places in Ireland and meeting a spiritual person that freed me from old thoughts.

I suddenly understood that it was better to write a new book on spiritual medicine, rather than update the old one.

I am happy here to be able to present the result of that inspiration.

Are Simeon Thoresen
Sandefjord, Norway
15th of October 2015

The diciple

all what the earth brings forth,
of bread and wine,
is now his body.
When somebody eats this,
And understands what he does,
Then he will resurrect in him.

Jens Bjørneboe

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