Geopathic radiation and disease

Ley lines

By Are S. Thoresen DVM
Veterinarian acupuncturist homeopath osteopath agronomist

The following description of the history of earth radiation was written in the years 1982 – 1989. During this time I related to the traditional description and observations of the earth radiation, although already in 1985 I had started to see the radiation with my own eyes, and also observed several phenomena that did not entirely correspond with tradition.

On the 4th of February 2006 my observation of the all-embracing energy in the nature made a great leap, and this changed my view of earth radiation totally during the following years.

In part two I will describe the altered view in detail, but first, in part one, I will describe the traditional explanation of earth radiation and its effect on life.

Part 1 – the traditional explanation, observation and view of earth radiation

I have often heard people say that they become ill from sleeping in certain places. They had slept there for 5-20 years and when I ask them why they have not moved, they were astonished. They replied "surely that can't make any difference if I sleep elsewhere?”

A farmer called me to treat a cow with mastitis. When he commented that all the cows confined to that particular stable had became ill at some time in the past, I asked him why he used that stable if that was the case. He had no answer. On closer study, we found that there were two aquifers crossing directly under the stable. The energy distortion above the aquifers* weakened all animals that were kept in the stable above them. I advised the farmer to use that stable as a tool-shed instead and to move the cows elsewhere. After that, the health of the cows improved greatly.

These examples show that some people realise that certain precise locations are not good for them or their animals, but they do not take the necessary steps to avoid the pathological influence. The examples also show that there is a lack of general knowledge about this type of influence. People often know that something affects them, but do not know what it is and therefore find it hard to believe in it. They often draw conclusions about the effect of this "power" but are uncertain about how to protect against it. It is important to talk freely about these phenomena, so that people will know how to take protective measures according to available knowledge.

It is most important to avoid confining people or animals over geopathic areas! Moving away from the area by as little as 0.5-1.0 metres can benefit health greatly.

Historic background

Radiation from the earth and from aquifers (natural water lines in underground rock fissures), has a long tradition. The earliest reference that I could trace is in the books of Moses. The story tells of the Israelites thirsting in the desert. Moses took his stick and hit the rock, and out gushed water. The German expression "Rotenschläger" (to hit or beat something with a rod), refers to the European tradition of diviners using twigs or Y-sticks from hazel or other trees to locate water or metals underground.

There are many references in such events throughout history. It is mentioned in China that emperor Kuanggu made laws already 2400 BC about how a piece of land for building on should be examined beforehand concerning geopathic radiation. Several Indian cultures in America have the same rules. If a tent was to be put up or a camp built, one must sit down and talk with the spirits and feel the effect of the spirits to be able to find the right place. This is a tradition especially with the Hopi Indians in America. In India we find the same tradition, where it is of great importance to find the right place for a bed to be placed. Several woodcarvings from 14-16th century show diviners (branch-bearers) searching for water lines.

The earth's electromagnetic fields (EMFs)

Referring to the summary of Dr. Becker's research on page 185, the essential conclusions are:


Biorhythms guide the body and the variations in our Processes are manifestations of these rhythms.

The life rhythms that we adopt (our usual patterns or set times for sleeping, eating and working, etc.) influence our bodily functions and energetics, and vice versa.

Environmental EMFs influence us. Electric fields, radio and TV, high frequency radiation such as alpha-, beta- and gamma- radiation, cosmic radiation and geopathic radiation, influence us. We meet this influence in our everyday life as sound, light and other electromagnetic radiation that we normally do not register with our senses.

All these types of EMFs interfere with each other and these complicated patterns influence the organs of the body, Processes and biorhythms. Therefore, the influence varies from one individual to the next and from one place to the next. That is why we cannot predict the human or animal that will develop disorders, the places that will manifest the disorders, or the specific disorders that will arise. However, despite that, it is very important that we can diagnose the cause.

As Dr. Becker concludes, it is important to disturb normal EMFs and magnetic fields as little as possible and to limit in so far as is possible man-made and artificial fields, or excessive natural fields. As far as is possible, we should therefore avoid:

We should try to develop our ability to detect these stimuli (or get help from others to do so) and we should make as many people as possible aware of these noxious effects. In clinical practice, we should check for their presence in all difficult cases.

Below are summarised some of the symptoms and effects that one may expect as a result of chronic exposure to excessive EMFs or geopathic radiation, especially from (crossing*) aquifers (underground water streams).

Effects of geopathic radiation


The effect of geopathic radiation on plants was recorded in the late 1800s; the first observations were from Germany. They observed that fruit trees, especially apple trees, try to grow away from geopathic radiation. They become crooked and deformed; the trunk may split in two and the branches that grow directly over the area of radiation become deformed. Cherry- and sweet cherry- trees develop stunted, malformed branches and cankers, such as we often see in birch trees. Cankers or tumours on birch trees are quite common in areas of strong radiation. Here we can see whole groups of birch trees full of so-called "crows nests" or cancerous tumours. In garden hedges we can clearly see the effects of geopathic radiation, in that the bushes have few and small leaves and do not look good.

It is proven that viruses cause these tumours on trees but this does not explain why some trees are attacked and others are not. It is the same as in humans and animals; viruses and bacteria surround us but disease can manifest only under certain conditions. It is most important not to try to explain disease as due to the viruses or bacteria per se, but rather by stress-induced immunosuppression, i.e. by a reduction of the organism's resistance to these organisms. Reduction of resistance occurs when we are exposed to excessive EMFs over a long period of time, i.e. geopathic radiation, electric installations, TV or heating cables in the floor, etc.


In my practice, I have found it almost impossible to treat such animals or humans successfully as long as they remain exposed to a precipitating Stressor. In contrast, my clinical results improve greatly if I can show the owner or subject how to escape from, or neutralise the Stressor. Chronic stress and geopathic radiation decrease immunocompetence and weaken the immune system. Animals that are free to roam where they wish seem to avoid areas of noxious radiation. This is the case with most of the known domestic animals. However, forcing animals to stay over a long period of time in the area of adverse electromagnetic influence can cause stress. Animals that are exposed chronically to geopathic radiation are more vulnerable to infection, ketosis, infertility and poor thrive than animals that are not exposed.

Animals that seek out radiation

Certain animals, such as owls, bats and cats, seek out areas of strong radiation for their dwelling places. Traditionally, these animals have been associated with darkness or evil powers. Also other animals, such as ants, bees and wasps, show affinity to the earth's radiation. Bees that swarm often settle in trees that are growing over strong areas of radiation. Ants' paths usually follow a dowsing reaction line and we can often see the areas of radiation by how the ants’ paths lead out from the nest. Experiments were done to shield ants' nests from geopathic radiation. The result was that the ants left the nest in the following year. They preferred not to stay for the winter in a nest that had no radiation (Rupert Sheldrake). Another possible explanation is that a nest over a strong dowsing zone usually has underground water directly below it.

Even if other animals avoid staying over geopathic radiation lines, they often follow such lines for their paths. If we take into consideration that plant growth is smaller along these lines, it would be natural for animals to move around where it is easiest to pass. In this way we cannot say that they follow the radiation path but, rather, they choose the path of least resistance.


As is the case in animals, excessive or qualitatively negative EMFs (geopathic radiation or other fields) affect humans adversely. The dowsing literature in many countries has a litany of hundreds of disorders that geopathic or noxious EMFs can induce. These include insomnia, neurasthenia, depression, sudden death syndrome in babies, asthma, arthralgia and arthritis, cancer, degenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis, etc. I have seen many examples of this in my practice:

There are strong indications that radiation from power lines and transformers cause illness in people who live under or close to these over a long period of time. Several observations concerning kindergartens and residential houses that are situated under high voltage lines seem to show a negative effect on health of the adults and children in those places.

Protection against excessive EMFs

The literature of national Dowsers groups in America, Europe and Australia abounds with case histories, mainly of human disorders, that were caused by these effects, and that responded within weeks to their correction or elimination. When more usual methods of conventional and holistic medicine fail to help a patient, one should always check his/her sleeping- and work- place for noxious influences from geopathic zones, or other EMFs.

In recent years, some people have shielded their houses against all types of EMF. This is not good practice, because it also removes the earth's normal EMF that is necessary and health giving. Total shielding from normal EMFs can have problematic consequences for our biorhythms.

I emphasise that we should try to avoid or shield against EMFs only in areas where they are excessive or noxious. There are three main ways to protect against EMFs (radiation):

  1. Vary the influence
  2. Move away from the influence
  3. Shield from the influence

Vary the influence: This is probably the best way to treat the disorder. In practice we see that the disorders occur when the body is influenced in the same way or by the same type of frequency or radiation over a long period of time. We can avoid chronic exposure to the negative influence if we vary regularly the place in which the animals are confined, the work place, or the location of the bed. Sleeping with the head turned one way in the bed for one month and the other way for the next month can do this also. If one has a double bed, one can sleep on one side of the bed one month and on the other side the next month, first with the head turned one way, then with the head turned the other way.

Move away from the influence: If we want to move from the noxious zone, we first must confirm its exact location. Then we must find a place where the radiation is absent, or only mild.

Shield from the influence: Because of limited space or money, most people have difficulty finding new places to sleep or rest, or to vary those places regularly for themselves and the animals. In such cases, shielding can be very useful. Shielding is based on three methods:

Diversion of the radiation: To divert geopathic radiation, we can use electric cable, usually a copper wire or coil. The coil is tightened around the box, the stable, the bed, the chair or the place to be shielded, and is earthed by soldering it to a metal water pipe, or to a copper spike buried in the earth. Other materials that seem to shield or divert electromagnetic radiation include turf (peat), swamp turf and lead plates. Älma company (Sweden) markets bed pads of swamp turf that seem to stop or modify the effects of EMFs. Also, lead plates that are thick enough may block EMFs. German experiments suggested that the plates must be several cm thick. Thin lead plates (a few mm thick) may be effective initially but they lose their blocking effect after a few months. This may be due to microperforations, which can be seen by electron-microscopy (personal communication from Älma, Sweden).

Accumulation and discharge of the radiation: A type of accumulator made from plastic layers seems to be effective; 15-20 layers of plastic are placed under the bed and this seems to function for a couple of months. I do not know how this could be done for large animals but it should be easy to do for small animals. After this one must "discharge" the plastic by putting it on damp ground, or by washing it.

Neutralising the noxious effect: Magnets may be used to neutralise noxious radiation. If we expose the radiation to a magnetic field, it seems that we can modify the EMF so that it does not cause illness. I have seen several different arrangements of strong and weak magnets that seem to have modified geopathic radiation, so that the pathological effect was dispersed. The use of turf falls into this category, since it seems that turf modifies radiation rather than shielding or diverting it.

Tracing noxious radiation

Three important methods are used to trace noxious radiation:

Divining instruments

German experiments on several hundred students in the time between the two World Wars showed how some people reacted immediately when exposed to radiation. In these and other "noxious zones", some people felt unwell or dizzy and saw dots in front of their eyes (vibrating sight). Blood pressure, measured before and when sensitive people walked across areas of strong radiation, fell by up to 20-30 mm mercury.

The dowsing reaction is transmitted via the parasympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system. This autonomic system, which usually is beyond voluntary control, controls respiration, heart rate, blood pressure, blood circulation, digestion and peristalsis of the digestive organs, urinary filtration rate and other organ functions. Measuring the blood pressure and heart rate can show the changes that occur when a sensitive person is placed over a noxious area (Rupert Sheldrake). Alternatively, as done since antiquity, one can find noxious zones by dowsing, or divining. The dowser holds a divining rod (Y-stick), or other divining instrument (pendulum, rubbing pad, angle irons, etc.) in the hands. When the body's autonomic system senses a noxious influence, it increases muscle spasm. This causes the divining instrument to move or behave differently, thus indicating the location of the noxious influence.

Technical equipment to detect electromagnetic distortions

If a transistor radio is tuned to "white noise" with its antenna extended, the noise may change when the searcher moves over a zone that has a distorted EMF. Other electronic measuring equipment, such as a sensitive magnetometer that can register EMFs, gives a more objective, quantitative proof. However, this equipment is expensive and hard to locate. Research with a large range of electronic devices shows that they have the added disadvantage that they do not differentiate qualitatively between EMFs that cause disease and EMFs that are harmless. Skilled dowsers, however, have this ability as an innate reaction.

Tracing noxious influences by bioassay using living organisms

We can prove the adverse effects of noxious radiation in a bioassay with living organisms. Noxious influences stunt or alter adversely the immunity, growth or health of plants, humans and animals. The noxious influence is confirmed by noting its effects on the growth of hedges, plants or fruit trees and where the plants thrive, or fail and wither (Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird: "The Secret Life of Plants"). This method takes a long time and is not as convenient to prevent illness as the other methods described above.

Part 2 – my view, explanation and observation of earth radiation after being able to see it by myself

First a little on my experiences with earth radiation

  1. Seeing the “water”-lines, or ley-lines
  2. Seeing the etheric matrix of living creatures
  3. seeing the astral matrix of living creatures

Seeing the “water”-lines, or ley-lines

In the summer 1985 I suddenly saw a network of thick, black and shiny snake-like bands, transversing the mountains. I was walking together with a friend of mine (Ragnar Widerheim-Paul), skilled in using the divine rod as an instrument for finding these water-lines or ley-lines. We spent the whole day checking and re-checking the positions of the ley-lines that I had seen, and we correlated the whole time. The first time I saw these lines on the mountains, later I saw them at the sea front, and later everywhere. I saw that they often followed paths of human activity, graves, graveyards, churches and old trails. One special incident made me question if these lines were there before the human activity, indicating that our ancestors also could see the lines and followed their paths, or if the lines were created by human activity and thoughts.

A friend of mine was to construct an area where agricultural experiments were going to be performed. We found an area free influence from the earth. But then, after he had constructed small squares where to sow the seeds, definite radiation lines appeared along the borders of his squares. The radiation was created by his thinking. I have also registered these phenomena when somebody builds a house. This changes the radiation pattern completely. My next observation was of even more astonishing character. During a course on veterinary acupuncture held in Germany, the organizer of the course had hired a skilled ”water-line” detector or earth radiation finder for an excursion. She was to show where the radiation lines were, how to detect them and tell stories about their origin and relations. I was standing a little away, watching it all. Then I, in my thoughts, in my imagination, moved the radiation lines 20 meters away from where they were, and then, suddenly, the experienced ley-line finder could not find them any more. She was very frustrated, but this incident, this experience, gave me much to think about on the reality, the origin and the effect of such earth radiation.

This showed that water lines or earth radiation or ley-lines are far more connected to the human (and animals?) psyche than I had thought. My teacher and benefactor in acupuncture, Dr. Georg Bentze, told me about the following incident; he was summoned to a local prison to see if any of the beds used by the prisoners were under influence of earth radiation. Where the prisoners slept he found an extreme amount of radiation. He asked the guards to move the beds and change their location, and the prisoners immediately slept and felt better. But, the interesting thing was that, after a short time, all the negative radiation was back. It was created by the presence of individuals with negative or criminal thinking.

In both historical literature and more modern papers on earth radiation and Ley-lines, both Alfred Watkins (the first man that in a scientific and systematic way described and investigated earth radiation and ley-lines) and Paul Devereux (present authority on earth radiation) posed that ley-lines are created from the human mind in certain ways.

Seeing the etheric matrix of living creatures

Living Nature process the same kind of radiation or energy described previously. In this way energetic matrix or lines may interconnect all living creatures, trees and animals, insects and humans, even the earth itself.

Skiing in the forest on the 4th of February 2006, at 1443 in the afternoon, I suddenly, and for the first time, saw this network, this matrix of living energy. The appearance was similar to the ley-lines I had observed in 1985, and all the time since. It was like black, shining snakes that flowed or moved between all living entities, from tree to tree, from animal to animal, from human to human. Also between species; from trees to humans, from animals to trees. This matrix immersed the whole nature with its presence. The matrix included all living, yes, also the farms that I passed, especially those having animals. I saw how these energy power lines streamed from the forest, embracing the houses where cows were living, where pigs were living, and also the houses where people were living. Where animals were present the matrix was stronger than where humans were living, though.

The network was stronger between trees of the same kind, between animals of the same kind.

This observation made me understand that the whole creation was intertangled in wholeness, and if anything in this wholeness is changed or made to disappear, the whole will suffer. I have long thought that Indian tribes that expressed or understood the wellbeing of the total world as dependent on their existence or special rituals that they performed were somewhat egocentric. But after having experienced this total network which binds everything together in a holistic community, and all together with the human consciousness, I have begun to understand the feeling of such Indian tribes. We and they are inseparable entities dwelling in this network. If anybody disappears, the whole network will suffer. The childish and egocentric mind I thought to have observed in primitive people was really an expression of the experience of this network.

On several occasions I have observed fishermen or hunters, while killing their prey. Usually fishermen or hunters are not aware of the described matrix, they don’t feel it. But, in the moment of killing, it seems that the whole matrix opens up for them, and they feel connected to the wholeness of creation. For a few minutes they are one with everything, and will have an intense communication with the cosmos. This might be one explanation that hunters and fishermen so often justify their actions with natural experiences. While people who have this feeling or connection all the time do not have to kill to experience the wholeness of creation.

This will explain why sacrificial offering was an important part of the old connection to God. In the blood of the lamb, the closeness of God was felt. But it is better to have this feeling all the time, and not kill.

Seeing the astral matrix of living creatures, of the whole nature

On the 12th of March 2007, at 0625 in the morning, suddenly, after having contemplated the art of a woman who feels the forces in nature, the whole astral matrix of the nature revealed itself to me. It was like a firework of energy, white and sparkling. A deep contrast to the dark and quiet and strong manifestation of the ethereal energy.

Earth radiation as a navigation system for animals, our internal GPS with saving possibilities

If all actions, deeds and movements of animals, birds and fish leave a trace, a trace stronger and stronger and more and more obvious the more entities that have done the action or wandered the trail, this gives a good explanation of how animals, birds, fish and insects can navigate. This system will in addition contain all information of what has happened along the trail, what kind of dangers, what kind of honey is to be found or which enemies are to be expected. Animals who can tap into this kind of information will then chose to dwell in the zones of radiation, and are described as radiation seeking animals like cats, bees and crows.

There are certain people who can describe what has happened previously in certain places just by being there, who get pictures or imaginations from times gone by. In some traditions this may be described as a kind of ”chronicle”, a sort of history book, where all that has happened is written, ”the Akasha-chronicle”. May be it is so?