The PEPTID-song

By Are S. Thoresen DVM
Veterinarian acupuncturist homeopath osteopath agronomist

These recordings are very special.

When I had discovered the 12 peptides formed in the blood after a successful cancer treatment, I made, I got synthesized, a small portion of each of the 12 peptides.

With these samples, these parties, I went to a disc recording studio in Sandefjord, and disclosed recording of these 12 peptides. This recording was then amplified 5,000 times, so that the molecular tones from the 12 peptides could be captured on tape.

Those here present the songs are the result of those recordings.

When I play back these songs, I've experienced that a headache may disappear within 5 minutes.

Attempting this to you, and give me feedback.

Maybe they can also cure more serious diseases.

The PEPTID-song, Original recording

The PEPTID-song, filtered recording

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The PEPTID-song, filtered recording: aremp3lite.mp3 —> MP3 audio file icon

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If anybody gets interesting results and experiences by playing the The PEPTID-song, please tell me about it.
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